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Measure client engagement in the field

Have you ever wondered what your clients/visitors in the field are thinking?


If it is feedback on the cleanliness of a toilet facility in a remote park or getting engagement from a mobile info van or coffee truck. You can collect this information via Lorawan devices using the IoT button.   (see link below) This is a generic flexible device and the options for feedback is left up to your imagination. The possibilities are endless …


With the data being collected straight into your dashboard you’re able to identify trends or changes in patterns as they happen.  Data is collected in real-time and can report back to you at the intervals you require


With the data collected in real-time your organisation has the ability to respond to trends as they happen.

Please share your ideas in our comments section on how you would like to see these buttons used in the future, or where you have seen them used already? We look forward to your feedback.

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