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The  Pivot Stem Dendrometer is designed for the measurement of the diameter of small stems or branches between 5mm and 40mm. Sensor output is calibrated directly in millimetres of stem diameter.

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DPS40 Pivot Stem Dendrometer

The sensor is designed with respect to easy and fast installation. It is fastened on the measured object by three pressure levers; the central jib turns the rotary position sensor proportionally to the object diameter. Adherence pressure is set as a compromise between the influence on plant tissues and installation stability. The bearing of the position sensor is carefully shaped for minimal effect of temperature and axial forces.

Each sensor is individually calibrated in 100 points over the whole range for excellent sensor linearity.

  • Pivot-based sensing
  • Sensors are individually calibrated in mm of diameter
  • Step-less reading
  • Easy and fast non-invasive fixing
  • Good thermal properties prevent a temperature effect on measurement
  • SDI-12 or Voltage output options
  • SDI-12 output is individually calibrated to 100 points for excellent linearity

Main features

• Sensing pivot concept
• Calibrated in [mm] of diameter
• Step-less reading
• Easy and fast non-invasive fixing
• Ready for SDI-12 network
• Each sensor individually calibrated


.Working range 5 to 40 mm
• One micrometer resolution
• Accuracy 0.5% full scale
• Tightening strength up to 2 N
• Temperature dependence
better than 1 um/K