Your company can now create a professional and economical LoRaWAN network. This model is the OUTDOOR AU915 Version with the  4.15dBi Antenna included. A full Linux system embedded and fully open it allows simple integration on any Cloud (please contact us for turn-key configuration options to TTN/TTI).

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IP65: outdoor antenna 4.15 dBi

The current market offers expensive LoRaWAN gateways or not developed for outdoor use. Today, the solution adapted to this lack is called LORIX One. With more than 10 years of experience in the deployment of WiFi gateways, we have designed a small, high-performance, easy gateway to be deployed and adapted to any climate.

Main system

ARM Cortex-A5 600MHz
128MBytes DDR2 200MHZ
HW < 1.0d : 256MBytes flash with PMECC
HW > 1.0d2 : 512MBytes flash with PMECC


Linux Yocto 4.4
Base configuration and factory reset
Prebuilt with

LORIOT cloud client
TTN cloud client
Semtech packet-forwarder
SSH Server
Toolchain/sources completely open


Ethernet 10/100Mbps with passive PoE 24VDC
Permits to bring power and data with only 1 cable
SD-CARD Slot to extend/replace the internal flash
USB connector providing serial interface to manage/update the gateway

LoRa/RF system

SX1301 as LoRa RF system kernel
Semtech approved
EU863-870MHz version (EU868)
8 channels, 49 demodulators @ 863-870MHz
RX Sensitivity: -140dBm
TX Power: 27dBm
US902-928MHz version (US915)
8 channels, 49 demodulators @ 902-928MHz
RX Sensitivity: -135dBm
TX Power: 27dBm
AU915-928MHz version (AU915)
8 channels, 49 demodulators @ 915-928MHz
RX Sensitivity: -135dBm
TX Power: 27dBm


Power supply
PoE 24V passive
Operating ambient temperature

 -30 à +55°C

Works with

Indoor (only for EU868 version)
200mm (7,87 inches) inclinable antenna @ 2dBi
IP65 500mm (19,68 inches) antenna @ 4.15dBi

Antenna (IP43 and IP65 version)


Indoor 200mm (7,87 inches) inclinable antenna @ 2dBi (only for EU868 version)

Outdoor IP65 500mm (19,68 inches) antenna @ 4.15dBi

More information


The IP43 version is a semi-waterproof gateway with a drilled closing cap. of three holes. These will allow water to drain off in the event of condensation. The IP65 version is a waterproof gateway with a pre-drilled closing cap, ideal for areas exposed to multi-directional water splashes. The difference is only in the holes under the cap. A gateway IP65 can become IP43 by drilling the holes if it is to be moved into a different place. Drilling the plug allows you to modify your IP65 gateway to IP43, useful if the latter must be moved to a site with different constraints.

Additional information

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 35 × 19 × 8 cm

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